An essay on Assyrians? doesnt have to be long for 9th grade project ?

[external link] <—- this website has very good assyrians information

Can you go to jail for writing someone’s school paper and charging them for it.?

I was thinking about writing papers/essays for college students in my town and charging them twenty dollars a page to do so. If I were to do this, is there a possibility of going to jail? Blah blah blah… Yes, I know it’s the “wrong” thing to do, but due to the current dearth of jobs in my town, I need a source of income. From a legal standpoint, could I be charged with anything. Jail time, fines, etc.

Impact the Eisenhower administration had on the TWO of the following issues during his presidency: Civil Righ?

Writing an FRQ for my APUSH class. I have notes on this topic already. but I was wondering if any of you had any interesting points to include in my essay that I missed. Thanks for your help :-)

What is a good font to use on a an essay/report?

I usually use Times New Roman. I don’t like the Calibri font though. What is a good font that looks professional and easy to read?



Economic development of New Spain?

I’m supposed to write an essay about the economic development of the Spanish settlements in the Southwest US during the 1600s, but there’s not much information on it in my history textbook. Help would be greatly appreciated!

Does this essay have grammatical errors? It’s about 20 sentences.?

Let me know all the mistakesThe quote I’ve chosen is “Success is the sweetest revenge” by Vanessa Williams because I absolutely agree with it. In my opinion, one of the best ways to get back at someone is to be successful. Seeing that person envy my success is almost the best feeling in the world. I also identify with this quote because I don’t believe in doing something wrong to someone just because they did something wrong to me. It usually leaves the problem unsolved and makes me no better than them. Even though a person may do something unkind to you, in the long run it feels good to rub your success in their face, rather than playing dirty. For instance, when I was in 3rd grade, there was this girl named Jamia who was never really fond of me. We were young, but very competitive towards our grades. Both of us wanted to be top of the class. One day, we tried out for the school’s creative writing team. Surprisingly, Jamia and I made the team. Our school was going to a district competition against six schools. Of course, we both wanted to win 1st place. When the results came in, I was ecstatic when they called my name for the 1st place trophy. Jamia, on the other hand, won 3rd place. Seeing the look of disappointment on her face made me even happier. Now when I look back, I can be proud to say that “Success is the sweetest revenge.” However, some people may disagree with my opinions. As I said before, getting back at a person is the same as sinking to their level, so it doesn’t make a difference. Jamia would always make rude remarks about me, but I never said or did anything hurtful to get back at her. Instead, I had a great success at the writing competition. This made her upset because she wanted to win. When I look back, I remember how miserable she was because I had what she wanted. Now I know that success is in fact, the sweetest revenge.

Mice and men help again (thesis)?

OK Im doing an Essay on Of Mice and Men and my topic is going to be loneliness (or something of that nature) and how it effects relationships throughout the novel. My examples are going to be: the major characters (Lennie and George), Minor characters (Candy and Crooks) and the Final Scene (Lennie and Curlys wife). Can anyone help me write a Thesis?

Essay Help creating a thesis?

I need to get a thesis statement for my essay. I had a teachers assistant look at my paper and she said it wasn’t strong enough. my orginal thesis was Love is a feeling that everyone has their own definition for. It?s also something that essentially everyone wants to be in, or associated with it. Although it can?t be defined it is something that one could presume that feels amazing, so much that the main characters in ?The lover? and ?Alethia? step out of their character, and make irrational decisions all for the sake of their lovers.Basically the first story is about a black woman who is a jazz poet and is emotionally dettached from her husband and child. The only character named in the story is her Jewish lover Ellis. The jazz poet doesn’t enjoy sex with her husband and she states that in the beginning. She also states how she can’t wait for her child to grow up and go to boarding school so she can vacation. Sex isn’t great with Ellis either but the thought of simply having a lover is what excites her, and it is only after having sex with Ellis that the next time she had sex with her husband she begins to appreciate their intimacy. She begins writing Ellis passionate love letters about her fantasy of him, and he doesn’t really like it because he doesn’t like clingy people which is why he divorced his wifeThe second story Alethia is about an old college professor who is attracted to a student in his class. However, she isn’t the brightest of students. One day she comes into his office and threatens him. She says its nothing against him but her advisor said if she doesn’t get a B in his class she’ll have to repeat the course. She say that she doesn’t want to go back to being a factory worker and if he doesn’t change the grade she’ll tell the Dean he’s been hitting on her (when in reality he hasn’t). She then asks the professor to hang out with her, which is strange because If I was in his position I would have told someone in the administration of her threat to me. He goes out and hangs with her and in the car Wendy sits there and tells him what kind of person he is. While having this conversation everything about her changes. She using good vocabulary and being intellectual. He states that if he knew she was this smart he would of gave her an A the beginning of the term. When the conversation is done the professor goes to a party with Wendy. Everyone is drinking and doing drugs and he begins doing them as well. He realizes that he is in love with Wendy all of a sudden, and then wakes up the next morning in bed with her.the question for the essay is compare the two test, describe how each portrays romantic love as a force in ther lives of the haracters. What kind of choices do they make for love and how are these judge by others.

UNC Chapel Hill supplement help?

For the UNC Chapel Hill essay the question is “What’s your latest discovery? What do you hope to learn next?” Is this a good responce?Throughout my life I have always been fascinated with history. As a little kid I’d come and watch the history channel while other children would watch cartoons; I’d go to museums while my friends went to amusement parks; I’d read books about the past while others played video games. I had always been curious about my genealogy and where I had come from. I had dreamt of all the fantastic possibilities: royalty, war heroes, and explorers. It wasn’t until a few moths a go that I started seriously researching my family tree, but the discoveries I made were truly amazing.At first I started off with only a few names. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were all I could find. Luckily, my grandmother was the historian of the small Adirondack town with my mother’s family had lived for generations. She filled me in with some names, but there were still too many wholes to count. I had only about 30 names and began to become disgruntled. I considered stopping but decided to keep trying. It was then that my grandma suggested that I look at some old census records. I spent the next few weeks painstakingly going through every census from 1820 to 1905. It was like striking genealogic gold. I discovered the ages, professions, and children of dozens of ancestors I never knew I had. The discoveries that I made over the ensuing few months far surpassed the fantasies I had as a child. I managed to build a family tree of almost one hundred and fifty people, spreading as far back as fourteen generations and four hundred and seventy-two years. I found out that I had ancestors who fought in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, World War One, and the Korean War. I learned of my tenth great-grandfather Stukeley Westcott who came to the New World from England in 1635 and was one of the founding settlers of the Colony of Rhode Island. He was also a close friend of Roger Williams and an original member of the first Baptist Church in America. The most interesting fact I found out about him though, was that his daughter married Benedict Arnold. As I continued my research, I discovered that I also had an ancestor named John Marchant who was an English explorer killed by the Spanish Armada in Panama in 1595, and another named Peter Le Marchant who was the Lieutenant Governor and Bailiff of the Island of Guernsey early in the fourteenth century. What had started as a curiosity, has now become a full out quest for knowledge. Historical events that seemed so distant and boring now seemed to come alive. The discoveries I have made have allowed me to look at history and the world around me in a way I never expected.