Pls help me with essay:The story of an hour or the storm by Kate Chopin.?

Can anyone help me with this 2pages long essay(MLA format) on either one of Kate chopins stories(the story of an hour or the storm).Pls help me,essay due on monday.Will really appreciate it............thank you.Pls no smart mouths,don't respond if you can't help......this is really urgent and i need help.

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  1. innominate says:

    First, you need to choose your argument (your thesis statement, which will appear as the last sentence in your first paragraph). For instance, in “The Story of an Hour,” do you think that Mrs. Mallard was cruel or not? Do you think her reaction says something about women’s rights (or lack of rights) at the time? You could argue from any angle. Once you’ve decided, you need to come up with subtopics within that argument (points that support it). Each point will be the first sentence of a new paragraph. Under each point, look through the story and find evidence to support that point. Don’t just list it in the essay. Discuss how it supports the point.Then, when you get to the final paragraph, look back to your thesis. Don’t just restate it; add something new– some final thought. If you like crime investigation shows, you can think of the whole thing like this: your thesis is the crime that has been committed, and you have to find concrete evidence in the story if you want to prove your case. But just having the evidence isn’t enough. In the rest of the essay, you need to sell it like a smooth-talking lawyer!