How can disappointments have a good side?

i need an explanation on how disappointments can have a good side. i need 3 ways of how it has a good side. please help! i need to turn in an essay tommorow about this and i have no idea what to write.

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  1. Geissorhiza says:

    I’m not going to do your homework for you, so nix on the 3 ways.Everything that happens to you changes your future. For example if these things didn’t happen, I would not be where I am now. Below, ~ represents the disappointment.* I had trouble in 4th grade ~, so Mom put us in Lutheran School;* Our teacher kept saying something ~ that made me interested in looking at other religions;* When I wanted to go to another church with my friends, Mom sent me to a special school to change my mind ~, and wouldn’t let me see any of my friends any more ~~~;* I got depressed, experimented with drugs and failed college ~;* I had to get a job fast, and ended up working for the County in a job I wouldn’t have wanted, given a choice ~;* Because I experimented with other religions, I looked into occult and Buddhism;* Discussing occult in a casual conversation with a Buddhist, I went with her to learn meditation at a Thai temple;* I met my husband at that temple, have been married to him for 22 years, have a wonderful 21 year old son, and am retired with 100% pay from the County. I’m finally happy.

  2. Calluna says:

    Establishing good study habits is very important. Doing so, will allow you to work on homework & allowing yourself plenty of time, to think through the answers you’re seeking. If some of us, were to put words in your mouth, how does that teach you to think on your own? Find a quiet place to study where you have good lighting, & no distractions. (ex: cell phone, music, tv, & computer. Telling you what to write is cheating & I won’t help you do that.

  3. kashida says:

    I have been able to find the silver lining in all the negative events in my life. How can I find yours when I don’t know what they are?

  4. tulossa says:

    Evelyn dear, do your own homework. This is not a difficult question. Think about it.

  5. Metazoa says:

    “It could have been worse” – like getting to class and finding out it is the final exam on a book you did not know you had to read.edit: get off the keyboard – you still have a few hours left to study & be creative on your own! We all have had to cram at some time inour lives…

  6. aortostenosis says:

    The up side of disappointment for me is: I’ll not make the mistake of wasting time on that again.It’s a time saver.

  7. darac says:

    Those with a healthy mindset use their disappointments as stepping stones to wisdom:”Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps.”—Proverbs 14:15″You Can Be Happy Despite Disappointment!” – Things That Disappoint – Focus on the Solution – Proper View of Disappointment – Prepare Now for Disappointment [external link] …

  8. informal says:

    We can learn from them.

  9. astronom says:

    I was disappointed that I ran out of gas….but I missed being involved in a horrible accident ahead of me.I fell and sprained my ankle, disabled for weeks as a senior, but a neighbor helped me and became a good friend.My income has dwindled but I have learned so many ways to save food and cut down on energy bills.These examples are true.I’m old enough to know that there is a BIG PICTURE beyond my finite comprehention. The universe is in control and knows what it’s doing. Relax and trust it………….best of luck on your paper.

  10. bultman says:

    Because sometimes the answer is no and sometimes a better answer is on the way.

  11. covariance says:

    the wheel of life has good things happening and then bad things happening. we need the good times in order to achieve and accomplish our goals. when we have bad things happen these allow us to show our strength and fortitude to get through these difficult times as well as remember the good times while we struggle and realize sooner or later the wheel will turn even if slowly to good times happening again.

  12. cellarway says:

    when a door opens, another door closes. disappointments can turn out for the best. i always thank the ones who fire me because that can lead to the time of my life. the best revenge is living well. our dog died yesterday and we look at the happy life we gave him.

  13. rattlings says:

    well you will be disappointed with my answer but it will cause you to do your own research

  14. wholesomenesses says:

    Probably one of the most important lessons I learned was from a boss who told me that I would learn more from my failures than I would from my successes. I am a perfectionist, so this was a very hard lesson for me to even entertain. Now, I realize that it is the mistakes we make that are the most important learning experiences. The same holds true for disappointments. We analyze and ponder our disappointments. Hence, we analyze them and figure out how to avoid them in the future. That is how we learn from our life experiences. The good ones give us a reason for monetary celebration, but the “bad” ones make us ponder, plan and adjust our future actions!Hope that helps!

  15. waddled says:

    So, one of us gives you the answer, you turn it in and claim YOU did it?Isn’t plagiarism illegal at your school? You should be ashamed! DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!Disgusting child!I’m surprised some yahoos actually did your work for you.

  16. socicom says:

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.